school improvement.

Teacher Team Consultant

  • Highly effective Teacher
  • Teams are the best
  • resource to implement
  • school improvement

Shoulder to Shoulder Support for Teacher Teams to develop their expertise in:

Analyzing student level off-track attendance, behavior, and course performance indicators to design effective tiered interventions in response.    Improve  number of students on track to graduation based on quantifiable school goals.

Reflective practice and action oriented team culture to improve instruction and classroom management.  Can include but not limited to:  Action Research, Co-Planning, Lesson Observation, Reflection on Lesson,  Expected Student Behavior, Best Practice Bench Marking, Data Analysis

Collaborating on Tier One positive support initiatives that can quickly get to the students and will  increase the school ” Can Do” culture, reduce suspensions, and increase student attendance.  Can include but is not limited to:  Caught Doing Something Good Campaign, Internal Success Mentoring, Social Emotional Supports,  Climate Calendaring.


Early Warning Systems, Grand Rapids Public Schools\Steelcase Foundation; Whole School Turnaround, New York City Department of Education, School Turnaround\Early Warning Systems, Detroit Public Schools; School Turnaround, Eastpoint Public Schools; Internal Mentoring Program, Skillman Foundation\Detroit Public Schools; Soft Skills Curriculum\United Way of Southeastern Michigan\Detroit Public Schools,  Teacher Coaching\ United Way of Southeastern Michigan\Detroit Public Schools; Cooperative Teaching Initiative, Ecorse Public Schools; Whole School Turnaround, Guam Public Schools


I am a life long educator and school improvement implementer.  In my 8 years as a school improvement implementation manager for Johns Hopkins School of Education I have seen the power of Teacher Teams to improve school culture and student achievement.  It is the key to school improvement. 



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